Hi, welcome to my web site!

My name is Christian Liensberger. I'm from Italy (Bressanone, Alto Adige to be exact) and a student at the University of Technology Vienna. I have finished my bachelor (software and information engineering) and started with my master (computer graphic).

I'm also a Microsoft Student Partner, C# MVP, publisher on Channel 8 and author for a German .NET magazine (dotnetpro). I really enjoy playing around with Microsoft's .NET framework and different programming languages and tools. My blog is having some of the results.

During my experimenting I started also an O/RM framework. It's called Opf3 (for Object Persistent Framework version 3) and found at www.opf3.com.

You may also find me (from time to time) hanging out over at Channel 9. I'm posting as "littleguru" in the Coffeehouse and Techoff sections there.

I enjoy spending my free time (sometimes it's not very much; which is really sad from time to time) with my girlfriend and my friends. Some of the stuff we are doing is found in the picture section.


Some logos and stuff:

Student Partner
.NET magazine
TU Vienna
Microsoft Channel 8
Channel 8
Opf3: The ORM for .NET